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The Light and the Dark: the evolution of award-winning artist Shazia Imran

The genesis and moulding of an artist is a fascinating thing. Shazia Imran is an Australian artist who has exhibited internationally and whose work hangs in many private collections. She is known for her delicate mixed media works and will be exhibiting on Wall St at the 2016 Decor + Design show, 21 – 24 July in Melbourne.

Shazia’s work is clearly informed by her exotic and eclectic background. She was born and raised in Pakistan, spent time in Dubai and then moved to Sydney in 2001. This heritage interweaves through her works. Her adopted home and the Australian light is subtly reflected in the shimmering gold and yellow hues in her palette – although she says this is often unconscious.

Her professional background as a graphic designer also impacts her work in terms of her defined layout and approach. She has a naturally precise eye; she was originally a very realistic painter, able to reproduce her surroundings with an innate deftness. Her style has slowly evolved and she now prefers working with Mixed Media. Layers of tissue and paint and objects, textured beauty, working within and around, betwixt and between the Light and Dark. As Shazia comments:

“Perhaps it is the tactile nature of working with soft products but working in Mixed Media can be an intensely therapeutic process”.

Shazia has been practising her art on and off for many years. However it has only been in the last five years that she has really concentrated in earnest on developing her work and launching it internationally.

These efforts have been rewarded by the recent win of the Lorenzo il Magnifico Award at the Florence Biennale, in Mixed Media.  This was quite the coup, given there were over 400 artists exhibiting in Florence. To enter the category, artists were required to reseach and respond to the historic intermingling of art and politics in Florence. Shazia researched philosophy deeply and interpreted her ideas on canvas, passionately inspired by her love of  Florence – a city which she even prefers to Rome, perhaps inspired by the artistic tradition of Leonardo Da Vinci.


Shazia has a current exhibition at the Ward-Nasse Gallery in Soho, New York and will also be showing at the New York art expo in April 2016. This penetration into the American art world came about from her participation in the New York art expo in 2015. This proved a launching pad for international interest in her work and she has been approached by galleries in Paris and New York.

New York is clearly a massive market in comparison to Sydney and Melbourne. However, Shazia is more interested at present in penetrating the local market, which can be difficult to crack, given that Australia can be lacking in opportunities for solo artists to exhibit. This is one reason why Shazia has leapt at the opportunity to take part in Decor + Design 2016, which will allow her to put her work in front of some important buyers.


For more examples of Shazia’s beautiful work, please visit and visit Decor + Design in Melbourne, 21 – 24 July 2016.




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