The top 8 interior trends for 2014

By Michelle Broussard, Colour Confidence Interiors

Everyone loves a Trend Report.  The fact that someone else is willing to put their neck on the block and make a forecast is like slowing down for a car crash; nothing personal, it’s simply human nature.

So, let’s go for it.  I’m unashamedly going to name some of the big trends you’ll see for interiors over the next 12 months.  Agree with me, think I’m mad or learn something – that’s you’re call.

  • Tone on tone.

It’s softer, calmer, more sophisticated than the contrast feature wall of the past and will help you layer a design to build depth and substance.

  • Large format tiles.

They just seem to be getting larger all the time.  More monolithic and substantial (there’s that word again).  It’s bold and decisive, offering clean lines and a grand scale.

  • Indirect lighting.

Lighting just keeps getting smarter.  Indirect lighting is used extensively on commercial sites, but now we want it in our homes. With the growing use of LED’s and their flexibility of application, sophisticated lighting plans are more attainable to the residential market.  An indirect lighting source can be more subtle, less invasive and a lot calmer to live in.

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  • Metal – use it – mix it up – silver/gold/bronze/pewter and COPPER!

As an ex-Silver Smith, this is one I am excited about. Metal is back and you can mix it up. No more worries about having to stick with all silver once you make a decision and then see a gold mirror you love. Go for it. Get out (Great) Grandmas old wedding silver or buy some at your local thrift shop to add that sense of tradition to your décor. While you’re at it – get out some old crystal pieces as well.

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  • Beige meets grey/stone

Warm-greys, or grey-browns – whichever way you read it – they are big.  Gone are the cold, corporate greys and in are the more grown up, natural greys.


  • Traditional feature or accent pieces.

…such as an armchair chair, a buffet or sideboard – not ‘themed’ just a couple of pieces that say ‘timeless’ and ‘quality’.


  • Blue accents – from sultry dark navy blues right through to more lively green-blues.


  • Contrasts of warmer honey and toffee toned woods.


In summary, I believe the new aesthetic is a lot more grown up, more sophisticated and dare I say it, sexy.  As a nation, we are well indoctrinated with Reality TV and renovating shows at every turn.  We are learning vicariously by others wins or losses, so we have an opinion about decorating and a belief that we can do it ourselves (or with the help of a trained professional at least).

People often say, `I know what I like’, or `I know what I don’t want’, but they just need help putting it all together.  Trust your instincts, have a go or at the very least pick up a paint brush, as it’s the cheapest and quickest decorating tool you can use.

About the author

clip_image002_002Michelle Broussard is the principal designer and owner of Colour Confidence Interiors, established in 2003.  Michelle successfully completed her Bachelor Degree in Interior Design at RMIT and has received a 20 year Citation from the Design Institute of Australia (D.I.A.), as well as being a trained and registered Art Teacher.

2 thoughts on “The top 8 interior trends for 2014

  1. I want to be part of your team. Amazing. We all change because of mainly two reasons…..Inspiration or desperation. In this case thank you for the inspiration. T

  2. Fabulous trend report – and I think you are absolutely on the money. No car crash here! I agree with traditional accent pieces – it is future-proof and will stand the test of time. They tell a great story and add layers to an interior that grows with us.

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