MAISON&OBJET Paris – a week of culture, history and design

Remember when Decoration + Design gave away a trip for 2 to visit the MAISON&OBJET in Paris?

Well, our lucky winner Lauren, interior designer and blogger for Blue Yonder Interiors, has now returned and she kindly compiled a visual diary for us detailing her trip during Paris Design Week.

Let the inspiration, and envy, flow…

“When I found out that I’d won the Decoration + Design competition and was off to Paris in 6 weeks, I just couldn’t believe it. It’s exactly like you imagine… it’s surreal, overwhelming and until you arrive, you still think you’re going to suddenly wake up from a dream.

Arriving in Paris, reality hit. I was in Europe, in Paris and it was Paris Design week! The enormity and scale of MAISON&OBJET blew my mind, 8 gigantic halls of wholesalers, designers, finishes and trades!

Here is a run down of the highlights we came across at the MAISON&OBJET exhibition, as well as some stand out restaurants we went to which made the overall Paris experience absolutely perfect.

Vegetal Typography – ‘You taking to me’ displayed some really great vegetal art, scaled to enjoy in the home or office – words, animals and objects are created with moss;

Neon Lights and Neon Art – Typography was a reoccurring trend at Maison et Objet. Marlieme brought old school Hollywood to the fold with type illuminated by incandescent lights.

Gods Own Junk Yard based in the UK also had a wide range of fabulous neon pieces and can also help with a custom made piece if you’re after something specific.

Polaboy large scale, backlit Polaroid style wall frames create a display for your favorite photographs, or you can select from the range of photographs Polaboy feature.

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Habibi handcrafted tiles and mosaics from Morocco were just amazingly inspiring. The texture, rawness and imperfections of the tiles form, just made them so much more beautiful.  The mosaics came in the traditional Moroccan style, or geometrics were really effective.

Marmo Spirito pedestal washbasin and side table in Carrara marble, sleek and sophisticated, they bring style and elegance into the bathroom.


Malagoon bedding from the Neverlands was a stand out for me on the fit with Australian coastal culture. I loved the tropical prints and the toucan motif.

Cacoon takes the hammock to a whole new and versatile direction. Shaped like a cocoon, this bubble can hang in a tree, off a boat or by a pool… only needing to be suspended by one point above.

Designed by French designer Florence Jaffrain, Baloon beanbags would be perfect for children’s playrooms or bedrooms. They are deceptively comfortable, and even come in sizes for playful adults or creative spaces. They retain their balloon shape when not sat on, so they are quirky addition to any space.


Dutch company, Zenza Home Accessories’ lighting range transported us to the Middle East with a gorgeous collection of silver plated brass light shades. Featuring delicate hole imprints, these patterns create hypnotic textures with the lights shadow.

Taxidermy animals and insects were everywhere at M&O, and we’ve also seen this arrive into Australia. The concept even evolved with molded plastics, every creature imaginable at M&O – Clémentine Bal’s range of contemporary, smoothly shaped, infant-like animals were a standout of originality from the form that was common across all halls of M&O.

Tartan, American Flag and Union Jack motifs where everywhere, industrial style and Asian décor was prominent… as it was Christmas, copper and hues of oranges, browns and navy were the colours repeated the most.

I’d really recommend visiting M&O, now expanding to Asia and America; the scale of the exhibition is phenomenal, so definitely allow the full amount of time to get around. I hope to visit again one day that’s for sure!

Eating Out

A visit to Paris is not complete without eating your way around this stunning city. A must see documentary before your trip is Anthony Bourdain’s The Layover Paris. We ate at a lot of the restaurants mentioned in the documentary, and oh my, it was fantastic!

L’Avant Comptoir – standing only, this casual bar has amazing wines, casually poured from the selection on the bar, and matched to your taste. It’s causal eating at it’s best, and a highlight dining experience. >> 3 Carrefour de l’Odéon, 75006 Paris, France

Le Chateaubriand – Chef Inaki Aizpitarte combines flavors in a way that no traditional French chef would dare. At Le Chateubriand he reinvents the classic French bistro with a style all his own. >> 129 Avenue Parmentier, 75011 Paris, France

Au Passage – Amazing food at amazing prices, this is contemporary French cuisine at it’s best. Market Fresh every day, the menu changes on a daily basis! >> 1bis Passage Saint-Sébastien, 75011 Paris, France

Visiting Paris needs planning, especially if you visit during design week. Additionally to MAISON&OBJET, there are also a lot of design exhibitions, installations and shows scattered around the city, so it is a 24/7 experience. Make sure you are aware of the full itinerary of the festival so you don’t miss anything you’d love to catch!

About the winner:

Lauren is an interior designer and blogger for Blue Yonder Interiors in Manly, Sydney.

Visit blueyonderinteriors.wordpress.com

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