‘Rethink: The Way You Live’ by Amanda Talbot

Have you ever thought about your life and how you might alter it to be more sustainable and protect the environment? Or perhaps it’s just as simple as want to eat better produce?

Rethink: The way you live is the latest book by interior maestro, Amanda Talbot designed to inspire and challenge people to reconsider how to redesign their homes. Told with beautifully photographed and evocative images of homes across the world, Rethink shows the way people are starting to live, with an overview of the amazing things happening and how you can include them in your life.

Do you grow your own food, reuse and recycle, source quality products instead of big-name brands, or take time to craft rather than purchase? If so, you are already embracing the global trend.

In different corners of the world people are reviving age-old methods, redesigning their homes and communities to blend with modern life. Rethink: The way you live reveals the ways we can weave creativity, sustainability, quality and technology into our life and home.

Our world is changing quickly and so are we, adapting to accommodate new social and environmental behaviour. With more of us finding creative outlets for reuse, recycling and reappropriation in our homes, combining age-old resourcefulness with new methods, modern technology and a fresh vision, we are seeing the redesign of our living environments.

‘Rethink: The Way You Live’ is $69.95, and available now in all good booksellers!

Amanda Talbot presents ‘RETHINK: The way you live’ at the DECORATION + DESIGN International Industry Seminar Series

Ex Associate Editor of British ELLE Decoration & Home Editor of Livingetc, Amanda Talbot will inspire and challenge the way you think about design. She will illustrate how we are embracing new global trends and starting to reconsider the ways in which we live. Ultimately she explores the future home.

For more information or to book, visit decorationdesign.com.au


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